1. Urge Officials to Charge Workers Who Slaughtered Fully Conscious Lambs in Argentina

    Please urge officials in Argentina to reconsider PETA's evidence immediately and file appropriate charges against all culpable parties.

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  2. 11 Reasons to Eat in Mexico City Right Now

    Upon arrival at a new destination, there are always a few pressing questions, and the most important: Where can I get some great vegan food?

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  3. Anthony Two Moons

    Elvis Cupcakes from ‘Baconish’

    Hungry for more? Add Baconish to your cookbook collection today.

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  4. The Worst-Performing Major Theme Park in North America Is …

    This attendance graph looks like the trajectory of a skydiving jump.

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PETA Wants to Ensure President’s Trip to Spain Excludes Bull Run Festival After Which the Bulls Are Tormented and Killed

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