The Dark, Deadly Side of Tiger Cub Photo-Ops

  1. Ducks Kicked, Slammed Against Walls for Meat and Down

    PETA's video exposé reveals suffering and agonizing deaths of ducks at a U.S. duck meat producer and down supplier. Help them now!

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  2. Dogs Caged Without Water, Bullied at Florida Kennel

    See why it's essential to train with our dogs and ask a friend or relative to care for them when we travel.

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  3. Marco Antonio Regil says being vegan is for you!

    Mexico's number one TV personality and current host of MundoFOX's Minuto para ganar has decided to spread the word about his vegan diet.

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  4. Spain Is Teaching Kids to Murder Baby Bulls—Take Action!

    Act now to send a message to Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport asking that bullfighting schools be closed immediately.

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  5. Feds Come Down Hard—Again—on Notorious Animal Abuser

    After a tiger escapes a circus, Doug Terranova is fined $21,500 and his license is suspended.

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    The Next ‘Jurassic Park’ Movie Just Might Change the Way You Look at Animal Rights

    A combo of breathtaking CGI and a powerful message that animals are not "ours to use" could make the next "Jurassic World" an instant hit....

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  7. This Is TNR. Don’t Let Anybody Tell You Different. (Video)

    If we wouldn’t abandon our own cats, we shouldn’t abandon any cats.

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  8. How Littering Kills Animals

    Most people know that litter is bad for the planet, but did you know that it’s also bad for animals?

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