Monkeys Burned, Overdosed, and Bled to Death at Oregon Primate Center

Despite federal warnings, the abuse of animals continues at Oregon Health & Science University’s Oregon National Primate Research Center.

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The Violent Yulin Festival: Something Meaningful You Can Do

Take action in effective ways that will have a lasting impact for all animals.

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Horrific Slaughterhouse Footage: Cattle’s Heads Smashed In With Sledgehammers

“Nobody can claim they didn’t know this was happening—the exporters knew, the department knew and the minister knew.”

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Olympic Torch Ceremony Ends With Fatal Shooting of Captive Jaguar

When will people learn that animals suffer—and die—when used for human entertainment?

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11 Reasons to Eat in Mexico City Right Now

Upon arrival at a new destination, there are always a few pressing questions, and the most important: Where can I get some great vegan food?

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60 Percent of Orca Deaths at SeaWorld May Result From Infection

The orcas aren’t dying from old age at SeaWorld.

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The Worst-Performing Major Theme Park in North America Is …

This attendance graph looks like the trajectory of a skydiving jump.

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Agave Silk Is Changing Fashion and Could Save Billions of Animals’ Lives

This fabric made from the agave plant is changing the fashion game and could save billions of animals.

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New Law Will Spare Thousands of Animals the Agony of Cruel Chemical Tests

This legislation will modernize chemical toxicity testing requirements, saving thousands of animals and better protecting humans.

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Zoo Officials Reportedly Shot Two Lions After Naked Man Leapt Into Cage

Two lions are dead and a man is in critical condition after a potential suicide attempt unfolds in a Chilean Zoo.

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