6 of the Happiest Animal Rescues!

Let's celebrate the lucky animals PETA has saved. Get a tissue ready!

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7 Vegan Tortas to Keep You Full and Satisfied

Tortas are like sandwiches but better. SO MUCH BETTER. Try them now.

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© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Video: How Many More Will Die?

If you are travelling to Spain, France, Mexico or Portugal, never attend a bullfight.

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Pure Joy: Elderly Bears Take First Steps After Decades in Tiny Pens

Breaking: See the first photos of these four bears in their new sanctuary home.

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GRAPHIC: This Dog DIED Because He Wasn’t Groomed

Grooming isn’t just a beauty treatment—it’s vital to animals’ health and well-being.

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Hero to Animals Award for Woman Who Ran Into Bullring to Comfort Dying Bull

When she heard the dying animal cry out in pain, Virginia Ruiz had to do everything she could to ease his suffering.

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SeaWorld’s International Orca Abuse Exposed at Loro Parque

Cruelty to orcas at SeaWorld in the U.S. is well known, but you may be shocked to discover what orcas owned by SeaWorld endure internationally.

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© Jo-Anne McArthur – We Animals

Victory: Coahuila Bans Bullfighting!

This is great news for bulls in Coahuila and hopefully will inspire even more states in Mexico to do the same.

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12 Beauty Brands That You Thought Were Cruelty-Free (but Aren’t)

Many cosmetics brands are becoming cruelty-free, but these major companies are living in the dark ages and still testing on animals.

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Baby Giraffe Dies After Collision With Zoo Enclosure’s Wall

Kipenzi’s untimely death likely never would have happened if she weren’t held captive in a zoo.

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