Is Your Food a Product of Rape?

The exploitation of the female reproductive system is at the core of animal agriculture. Here’s why all feminists should be vegan.

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The 5 Easiest Things to Make With Canned Garbanzo Bean Juice (Aquafaba)

That’s right—canned chickpea juice is the perfect egg replacer.

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Did This Roadside Zoo Owner Beat a Leopard to Death?

Disreputable Wildlife in Need roadside zoo finally gets hit hard by the feds.

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9 Facts You Need to Know Before Considering a ‘Pet’ Hamster

Hamsters are thinking, feeling beings who deserve love and respect, but the pet trade encourages us to view them as trinkets.

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Zoo That Previously Shot Baby Giraffe Now Has a New One

This Zoo recently posted a video of a giraffe being born at its park just two years after it shot and killed another one.

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stk_001939 | Zé Carlos Barretta | CC BY 2.0

Narcos’ Wagner Moura Goes Vegan to Drop Pablo Escobar Weight

Just as Pablo Escobar’s career wasn’t one to emulate, his health wasn’t either.

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Commerson's Dolphin | bfurlong | CC BY-SA 2.0

Why Was Betsy Put in a Small Tank in the Back of SeaWorld Orlando?

When SeaWorld realized that Commerson’s dolphins weren’t popular with visitors, it moved Betsy to a concrete tank in the back of the park.

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What to Do if You Find a Stray Dog or Cat

You could be a crucial part of reuniting animals with their families or, if they don't have homes, giving them a chance at finding one!

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© Susan Riley Photography

For the First Time in 39 Years, Pigs Won’t Be Chased at Pa. Fair

Activism works! Thanks to Kelly Lehman, pigs and roosters will not be tormented this year at Pennsylvania’s Ephrata Fair.

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Ordering Vegan at Taco Bell

Did you know that Taco Bell is a secret vegan paradise?

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