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18 Recipes for a Taco Cleanse

All the delicious vegan taco recipes you could wish for in one list!

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Shocking Video Shows Live, Struggling Cow Dropped Into Dump Truck

PETA is calling for an investigation after this disturbing video surfaced.

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Video: Dogs Cry, Left Outside to Freeze During Blizzard

The animals’ whimpering will break your heart.

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Great White Shark Dies After Just Three Days in Aquarium

He didn’t understand how to swim in a tank because he was never meant to live there.

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Video: Curious Kitten Can’t Believe Who’s on the Other Side of the Window

Watch this kitten's ridiculous reaction to an unusual guest at PETA's shelter.

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How Long Will Denver Broncos’ Chris Harris Jr. Last in Freezing Temps?

The Denver Broncos’ Chris Harris Jr. shows how lonely, cold, and desperate neglected dogs are during winter months.

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Video: What Prompted This Beat Down?

How would you feel if you were beaten up because of what you were wearing?

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Smurf Got Help, but What About the Countless Others Like Him?

A kitten, dyed purple and used as a live chew toy, has found help, but countless other abused animals need a safe place to go.

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Video: These Daring Animal Rescues Will Brighten Your Day

Animal rescuers in India pitch in to save their own “Baby Jessicas” from deep wells.

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Video: Firefighters Save Dog Who Nearly Died While Trapped in Tiny Carrier

When a fire broke out at a California residence, a family rushed to safety. But the family’s dog was trapped inside a tiny carrier.

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