Bullfighter Emiliano Gamero Videotaped Whipping His Horse

  • Posted 1 week ago

Written by Michelle Kretzer

Mexican bullfighter Emiliano Gamero is red in the face after being caught red-handed hitting one of his horses. An eyewitness filmed him repeatedly whipping the horse with what appears to be a rough piece of rope or a whip in order to “correct” the animal’s behavior.

He later posted an apology on social media, saying that he “is deeply sorry” for his actions. But the gesture was likely just for show, since he intends to continue torturing and killing animals as a career.

The bulls used in bullfights don’t have a fighting chance. They’re often weakened by beatings, and petroleum jelly is smeared into their eyes to impair their vision.

In the first stage of a bullfight, picadors drive lances into the bull’s back and neck in order to make it hard for him to lift his head and defend himself. Then banderilleros plunge barbed sticks into his back until he’s weak from blood loss. In the third and final stage, all the matador has to do is provoke a few exhausted charges from the dying animal before stabbing him with a sword.

And the bulls aren’t the only victims. Horses used in bullfights are viciously spurred, terrified, and forced to haul dead bulls out of the ring. Bullfighting is a barbaric and unjustifiable spectacle of cruelty to animals. Until Gamero stops participating in it, we find his apology for whipping his horse hard to take seriously.

What You Can Do

Refuse to buy a ticket to any event that exploits bulls, and report cruelty to animals to authorities whenever you see it.

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