Faces of Dog Abuse: The 6 Saddest Photos You’ll Ever See

Dogs exploited by the dogfighting industry are forced to endure some of the worst abuses imaginable. Dogfighting is a felony offense in the United States and has been banned in some countries, but underground dogfighting continues illegally in the U.S. and legally in places around the world. Meet some of the dogs who have suffered, and use your voice to help them!

1. I Don’t Choose to Fight

chained injured backyard dog

Pit bulls are the most common victims of dog abuse. To make them aggressive, dogfighters often beat and taunt them. They even starve them as a way of triggering their survival instincts.

2. Life on a Chain Is No Life

Four pitbulls with heavy chains around their necks.

When they’re not being forced to fight, dogs are typically kept in small pens or outdoors on heavy chains 24 hours a day—an awful fate for these social pack animals who crave companionship and mental stimulation.

3. Animals Are Not Ours to Abuse


In addition to being beaten and starved, many dogs are injected with steroids, and some dogfighters even cut off dogs’ ears to prevent another dog from latching on to them. They even add roach poison to their dogs’ food so that their fur will taste bad to other dogs.

4. I Am Not an Inanimate Object


Dogs who “win” fights are forced to fight again and again and are used to breed puppies for profit. Many dogs who won’t fight or lose fights are used as “bait” animals.

5. There Is No Excuse for This


Dogs who survive fights often sustain serious injuries, such as broken bones and crushed cartilage. Many suffer and die of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection within hours or days of a fight.

6. Forced to Fight and Left to Die

dogfight KILLER

When they are no longer useful to fight organizers, they are often “disposed of” in gruesome ways, such as electrocution, hanging, drowning, or shooting. Others are burned or beaten to death.

You Can Help—Use Your Voice for Animals!

Never be silent—that’s the first step toward helping animals who face abuse. Speaking up for animals can save their lives. If you suspect that someone is fighting dogs or see a dog left chained outdoors or locked in a hot car or any other form of cruelty or neglect, speak up by contacting local authorities. Use your voice to stop animal abuse—and share this message with your friends!