¡La Victoria! Mexico City Say’s Adiós to Circuses

  • Posted 2 years ago

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

Mexico City is the latest international municipality to ban circuses using animals.

Caged white tiger

The days of hauling animals around and hurting them in the name of entertainment are quickly coming to an end. Austria, Bolivia, Columbia, Greece, Paraguay, and Peru have banned the use of animals in circuses, and bans in England and Wales and India are pending.

Circuses go to great lengths to hide the dark side of the big top—that animals are torn from their families and beaten bloody and that they often die painfully.

Of course, we must continue to fight until no animal is forced to live in cramped transport cages or chained in train boxcars.

What You Can Do
To launch a campaign to get animal-based circuses banned in your town or city, contact PETA for materials to get you started.

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