Update: Jerry the Horse Revealed Dead After Cover-Up

The carriage company that owned Jerry forced him to spend his days hauling tourists through dangerous, congested streets in the scorching Salt Lake City heat. And when Jerry finally collapsed and was so weak that he couldn’t even stand on his own, they tied ropes around him, dragged him into a trailer, hauled him back to his barn, and hoisted him inside with a forklift. And that’s only the beginning of this sad, sordid story.

PETA snapped pictures of Jerry’s ordeal and publicly released them. After the ensuing outcry, the carriage company sent out a picture of a standing horse, proclaiming that Jerry was once again standing on his own and on the road to recovery. There was just one problem: It wasn’t Jerry.

PETA called the carriage company out, and once cornered, it admitted that the picture was a fake. The company then changed its story, claiming that Jerry was fully recovered and living on ”on a farm” in an undisclosed location. Despite repeated requests from media, they refused to let anyone see him. PETA was skeptical, so we set up a $1,000 reward for anyone who could give us information about Jerry and his whereabouts.

After public pressure continued to mount, the carriage company finally admitted that Jerry was dead. Given the carriage company’s history of secrecy and deception, PETA is now seeking a thorough investigation and demanding that the carriage company release Jerry’s veterinary records and allow a necropsy so we know when Jerry died and what killed him.

Regardless of why the company tried so hard to deceive the public, poor Jerry’s collapse and death are tragic evidence that horses don’t belong on sweltering, traffic-filled streets. Just like animals forced to perform in the circus and dogs made to race for money, horses used to pull carriages are grist for the mill, a source of income. Disposable. Replaceable.

What You Can Do

But Jerry’s death might not be in vain. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and the city council are now examining whether horse-drawn carriages should be banned in the city. Local residents are also holding a vigil for Jerry this evening. Please take a moment to email the City Council or leave them a message at 801-535-7600 and let them know that you support a ban, especially if you live in the city. Please be sure to keep all comments polite and respectful.

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  • salome

    Posted August 27, 2013

    que terrible que pase esto a ca en peru estan explotando a los caballos de la policia , es terrible los estan usando en desalojos , ya un caballo murio ,en contra de hinchas de equipos de futbol q colera !!!

  • consol guma

    Posted August 27, 2013

    Me siento terriblemente triste cuando veo, leo, comparto noticias espeluznantes y crueles en referencia a cualquier especie animal, cuando se acabara esta barbarie, como ser humano que soy reniego de mi estatus ante tanta injusticia, pido o mas bien imploro que desde los estamentos pertinentes se ponga fin a tanta muerte injustificada y demos voz y defendamos a los que no la tienen

  • michale

    Posted August 27, 2013

    no puede ser posible que sean los animales siempre los que tienen que sufrir por culpa de nuestras acciones ya es hora de abrir los ojos y darnos cuenta que tremendo impacto estamos haciéndole a cada uno de estos seres vivos

  • sonia

    Posted August 28, 2013

    It´s a pity people does these kind of thinks. They should be in prison. Poor horse.


    Posted September 18, 2013


  • margarita

    Posted September 18, 2013

    Pobres animalitos, acá en Nezahualcoyótl que es un municipio del Estado de México hizo una marcha para que prohíban el uso de caballos y burros jalando carretas, al parecer entendieron un poco porque las carretas ahora ya no están llenas de basura, pero la petición esta en pie, se les pide que cambien sus caballos por motos, la Nitin Neza, es la que esta llevando a cabo las platicas con las autoridades, esperemos que nuestros hermanos sin voz sean escuchados a través de nosotros

  • fausto solis

    Posted January 5, 2015

    Los animales no tienen la culpa de sufrir ni de ser e gecutados a si PORFABOr no mas mal trato poreso sean los sientificos quieren ser dios y por fabor somos seres bivos