Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

  1. Recipes

    Tofu With Rice and Broccoli

    There’s nothing dull or boring about this tofu meal made with a sweet and spicy sauce and paired perfectly with steamed rice and broccoli.

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  2. Beauty

    Eva Mendes’ New CIRCA Beauty Line: Fun, Affordable, and Cruelty-Free

    Eva Mendes' cruelty-free CIRCA cosmetics focuses on beauty from the inside out.

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  3. Recipes

    10 Amazing Vegan Blogs

    Looking for vegan recipes? Check out these compassionate bloggers.

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  4. Recipes

    Homemade Cashew Cheese

    This cashew cheese uses only whole food ingredients, it's easy and affordable to make. It's so versatile and delicious that you just have to give...

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