Bomba Estéreo Teaches Us the Importance of Compassion

Bomba Estéreo—a “techno-cumbia” group from Bogotá—is one of the most innovative bands around today. For the last 10 years, singer Liliana Saumet and multi-instrumentalist Simón Mejía have created dance tracks infused with traditional Colombian and African sounds. The pair knows how to take creative risks—and have they ever paid off!

Their single “Soy Yo” (“That’s Me”) has become an anthem for confident self-love. Its accompanying video went viral in the summer and encouraged people everywhere to express themselves without fear of judgment. The message was clear: Stand up for what you believe in.

Now, Saumet and Mejía are asking people to stand up for others, too, in their new anti-bullying campaign with PETA Latino.

Just like us, animals feel pain and fear, and they suffer when someone mistreats them. Calling animals stupid, hitting them, torturing them, forcing them to fight each other, and chaining them up for long periods are all forms of bullying. The musicians are urging people not to be bystanders if they witness abuse: They say, “Be a hero for animals—never be silent.” It could make the difference between life and death for an animal.

Want your children to learn about compassion? Schools around the world face issues with bullying, so it’s important that we teach kids how to be kind toward other humans, animals, and the planet from an early age. If you are an educator or know someone who is, please check out the new “Share the World” program by TeachKind, PETA’s humane-education division. It offers everything that teachers need to plan fun lessons on empathy for young students.

Kids are never too young to learn compassion, so order the free curriculum kit today. And remember: If you see an animal in imminent danger, contact your local police department. If you don’t get a response, please call PETA—day or night—at 757-622-7382.

Requester’s comment: This quote is from the feature video they recorded for us.