Kate del Castillo Fiercely Protects Animals

From starring as a powerful drug trafficker in the international smash telenovela La Reina del Sur to her much anticipated role as a transsexual inmate in the upcoming K-11 film, Kate del Castillo emanates a sexy strength in all her work. The Mexican superstar brings that same smoldering power to her ad (shot by famed top celebrity photographer Jack Guy) for PETA urging fans to “protect your animals fiercely.”

In the striking PETA ad, Kate holds her rescued dog, Lola, as she warns guardians, “Never leave [animals] to fend for themselves.” Cats and dogs belong indoors, where they are safe from deadly threats, such as bad weather, cruel people, other animals, and cars. A life indoors is just one of the basic needs a guardian must fulfill, explains Kate. Dogs and cats deserve to be protected and showered with love, which they’ll return to their guardians tenfold.

Watch the video below for more animal care tips from Kate:

For Kate, adopting Lola was life-changing—for Lola, it was lifesaving. Because there are not enough loving homes, countless cats and dogs struggle to survive on the streets, and 3 to 4 million of them must be euthanized annually at animal shelters. Kate explains that you can save a life by adopting one of the 6 to 8 million cats and dogs who enter shelters every year—and never buying from a pet store or breeder. You can save thousands of lives by spaying and neutering your companion animals, thereby preventing their offspring from suffering on the streets or in animal shelters.

Kate shares her love for animals and offers a peek behind the scenes at her sexy PETA photo shoot—check it out!

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