Natalia Clavier: I Am a Vegan

The Thievery Corporation’s Natalia Clavier brings diversity to the music industry. From techno to reggae, she always delivers psychedelic sounds and an unforgettable voice. She has released a number of record hits, including her most recent album, Lumen, and her memorable “Cantata” single. She has not only had a big impact on the music industry but also touched thousands of people through her passion for animal rights and her ongoing efforts to promote a vegan lifestyle.


Natalia knows that raising animals for food kills animals and damages your health and the environment. The meat and dairy industries are wreaking havoc on the Earth. Billions of animals raised on factory farms are forced to endure extremely stressful conditions and are often crammed into spaces barely larger than their own bodies. They are fed drugs to make them grow at an unnatural rate before they are transported in all weather extremes to slaughterhouses, where they will die slowly and painfully.

In her exclusive interview for PETA Latino, Natalia shares why she loves her vegan lifestyle! Going vegan has never been easier. By respecting animals, you’re not only becoming healthier but also speaking up for animals all around the world! Natalia’s message of love and veganism will inspire you to live a compassionate life by being aware of who is on your plate and simply choosing a vegan alternative. Eating plant-based meals is the best way to protest cruelty to animals, preserve our health, and combat environmental devastation. Go vegan!