Why a Trip to the Circus Haunts Me Months Later

I have a confession: Last summer, I attended a circus. If you’re thinking that I had an enjoyable afternoon, then you need to keep reading, because circuses are anything but “fun”—especially for the animals involved. What I saw at the circus haunts me still today, so I hope you’ll look at these pictures and learn from my experience—and then make the compassionate decision never to attend an animal circus. Here are just eight of the many reasons why animals do not belong in circuses:

  1. Because these dogs deserve homes and families, not trailers and handlers:


  1. Because the only time I saw this elephant doing anything other than swaying neurotically with her back legs crossed was when she was forced to perform:


  1. Because the trainer who forces these tigers to perform repeatedly cracked his whip at them in full view of the audience:


  1. Because this llama might like America more if she were living in a sanctuary, not performing in a stupid costume:


  1. Because that bullhook was used to hurt the elephant:


3.   Because this camel was tethered by such a short rope that she couldn’t lie down all the way, even though she tried and tried for almost an hour:


  1. Because these zebras cringe and buck in fear when their trainer cracks the whip at them during performances:


  1. Because the constant physical and psychological abuse that this elephant has endured has broken her heart—and mine, too:


Please, don’t ever attend animal circuses. There are many other options that are truly animal-friendly, including circuses such as Cirque du Soleil that feature talented human performers. And if you’re like me, maybe you’ll even stand outside the tent next time a circus comes to town and ask others to tear up their tickets.