Razones Para Ser Vegano


With just one bite, you can change the way animals are treated, help the planet and be healthier! By carefully reviewing your options, making informed decisions about what you put on your plate, you have the opportunity to make a difference at every meal – to give your vote against animal cruelty and environmental degradation – and achieve all this by feeding In a better way than with meat-based foods.

Here are some reasons to be vegan:


Climate change has been termed humanity’s “greatest challenge” and the world’s most serious “environmental threat.” But, the main cause of this phenomenon might not be what you think. Is it driving an SUV? No. Factories? No. Airplanes? No. This is the first thing that can come to mind, but the main cause of climate change could actually be on your plate. A recent United Nations report concludes that the transition to a vegan diet is necessary to repress the worst effects of climate change.

The production of meat is contaminating and depleting our reserves of drinking water, fertile land and fresh air. More than half of the water goes to animal agriculture and since farm animals produce 130 times more excrement than the human population, their waste pollutes our waterways. Animal excrement emits gases that poison air on farms – gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia – as well as methane and nitrous oxide, the main cause of climate change.

Forests are being devastated to set up industrial farms or to plant farm animal feed. All this destruction causes soil erosion and influences the extinction of wild species and loss of habitat. Raising animals for food also requires huge amounts of raw material because farm animals consume 70% of the corn, wheat and other grains we grow. A third of all the raw material and fossil fuels used in the United States are intended for animals raised for human consumption.

Experts have concluded that going from transitioning from a typical American diet to a vegan is more effective in combating climate change than getting rid of a normal American vehicle and opting for a hybrid. So if you are worried about the environment, one of the most effective actions to save it is that you become a vegan.

Health: Including meat, dairy and eggs in your plate can be a recipe for cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, three of the leading causes of death in the Latino community in the United States. Leading experts agree that becoming vegan is the best and simplest thing for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones to avoid these health problems.

Un régimen vegano correctamente planificado puede proporcionarte todos los nutrientes que necesitas eliminando grasas saturadas, colesterol y toxinas presentes en la carne, huevos y productos lácteos. Más información en nuestras secciones “Salud” [link to Health] y “Familia.” [link to Family]

Animales: Cada año, más de 27 000 millones de animales son matados para alimento. Los animales en granjas industriales son tratados como máquinas para producir carne, leche y huevos. A los pollos se les remueve los picos con una cuchilla caliente mientras que los machos de cerdos y ganado bovino son castrados sin ningún tipo de anestesia. Los cerdos, pavos y pollos de estas granjas viven sus cortas vidas en oscuros y abarrotados galpones sin ventanas. Es frecuente que muchos de ellos se encuentren tan apretados que no puedan voltearse ni extender una sola de sus alas. Atascados en sus propios excrementos, y el hedor del amoníaco inunda el ambiente.

Many of these animals die on the road and others are too sick or weak to leave the truck on arrival at the slaughterhouse. Those who survive this terrible and traumatic experience are hung upside down and their throats are beheaded while they are still conscious, a situation that occurs frequently.

Many are still alive while being skinned, dismembered, or scalded in plucking tanks. By becoming vegan, you can save more than 100 animals a year.