Urgent Action Alerts

Lions, Tigers, and Bear Cubs Hit, Chained, and Deprived in the Chinese Circus Industry

PETA Asia found appalling abuse, decrepit living conditions, and animals suffering in the Chinese circus industry. Take action now!

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Exposed: Live Hermit Crabs’ Shells Crushed, Hundreds Dead at Pet Trade Supplier

Delicate hermit crabs were dumped into crowded, barren pens and even thrown in the trash while still alive in this new exposé.

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Help Stop Horses From Being Gutted by Bulls at Mexico’s Torneo de Lazo!

Horses are eviscerated by bulls and their entrails are strewn about.

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Urge Officials to Charge Workers Who Slaughtered Fully Conscious Lambs in Argentina

Please urge officials in Argentina to reconsider PETA's evidence immediately and file appropriate charges against all culpable parties.

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