Urgent Action Alerts

Urge the Dubai Government to Keep SeaWorld Out!

Please urge the government of Dubai not to allow SeaWorld to taint its reputation by allowing this hideous company, condemned around the world, to set...

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ITN Source/Reuters 2009

Exposed: Crocodiles and Alligators Factory-Farmed for Hermès ‘Luxury’ Goods

Thousands of crocodiles are crammed into concrete pits and alligators packed into filthy pools—all killed for their skin before even reaching adulthood.

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Western Gull With Wire Around Foot | docentjoyce | CC BY 2.0

7 Tricks to Helping Wild Animals

Make these small changes in your daily life to help save lives!

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Eyewitness Exposé: Pain, Fear, and Death at Primate Products, Inc.

You’ve never seen anything like this before—and much of it is being paid for by U.S. taxpayers’ dollars!

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