Kate del Castillo Aims to Keep Ringling Cruelty Out of Her Country

Written by Michelle Kretzer

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will drag its abused animals anywhere the circus can make a buck by forcing them to perform. But Kate del Castillo is doing everything she can to show the circus that cruelty isn’t welcome in her backyard.

The Mexico native is aiming to shut Ringling out of venues in Mexico City and Monterrey. She’s written an urgent letter to Guillermo Salinas Pliego, owner of Arena Ciudad de México and Arena Monterrey, detailing the circus’s routine abuse of animals and imploring him to stop hosting the circus. With Ringling scheduled to be there in just a few days, Kate wants to make this year Ringling’s last.

In her letter to Salinas Pliego, Kate urged, “Most performers would love to sell out an arena, but elephants in the circus would surely trade in a packed audience for a life of freedom with their families. I hope to hear that you’ll do the right thing and decide never to host Ringling Bros. again.”

Kate knows all about Ringling’s cruelty—from letting animals suffer rather than getting them needed veterinary care to routinely beating animals in order to force them to perform unnatural and even painful tricks. She even narrated the Spanish translation of PETA’s behind-the-scenes investigation of Ringling:

It’s time for circuses that use animals to be relegated to the history books, where they belong.