Did Your Fast Food Have a Face?

Research shows that Hispanic households spend 16 percent more money annually on fast food than non-Hispanic households. If you want to save money and animals and improve your health, steer clear of KFC, McDonald’s, and other fast-food restaurants and opt for great-tasting vegan foods instead.


Breasts, legs, thighs, wings, and ribs are body parts—not menu items. And contrary to what an old McDonald’s ad suggested, hamburgers do not grow in the garden. Before animals are slaughtered and sold in “extra-value” meals, they are confined to filthy, severely crowded factory farms. They never breathe fresh air or feel grass beneath their feet. They’re torn away from their loved ones, and they typically have their horns, tails, or beaks cut off—without any painkillers. In slaughterhouses, animals are often scalded alive.

After they’re killed and consumed, they “exact revenge” on people who eat them by increasing their risk of developing heart disease, cancer, strokes, and diabetes—four of the biggest killers in the Latino community. Those “dollar-menu” double-cheeseburgers won’t seem like such a good value if you’re paying through the nose for bypass surgery, statins, or blood pressure pills.

Fast food should not lead to a slow death. Skip the cruelly produced, salmonella-laden sandwiches and enjoy tasty meatless meals, such as soy-chorizo, arroz con gandules, sweet-potato quesadillas and roasted chili and corn tamales. Or if you’re on the go, try a veggie burger or a vegan burrito from Taco Bell, Moe’s, or Chipotle. Beans are definitely not body parts!

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