Find Out How This Dallas Mexican Restaurant Shocked Customers

  • Posted 4 days ago

Aurelio Arias, the owner of El Palote Panadería in Dallas, switched his menu to 100 percent vegan fare after he found out that his diet was killing him.
Arias had suffered a heart attack some years back, and his medication made him feel terrible during daily life. A book lying around the house explained the harmful effects that animal-derived foods were having on his health. “Immediately—from there—I made the decision to not eat animal products,” Aurelio told Dallas News.

finally made it out to this gem for some amazing authentic vegan Mexican food. they make their own homemade soy meats which are all super delicious and realistic! also had to take home some bread and pastries for the winter bod.

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He and his wife, Lily, decided to make their restaurant’s menu entirely plant-based—for the animals, their own health, and the well-being of their customers. Enchiladas, flautas, tacos, tortas, and their famous pastries are now served up without the cruelty, and reviews have been outstanding.

One happy customer explains, “It’s a new frontier with El Palote. They’ve quickly revolutionized it for vegans and even non-vegans. My friend is Hispanic and nonvegan and his mind was blown. This is pretty much indistinguishable. It tastes just as good.”

The couple is hopeful that the healthy food they’re offering will help others the way it has helped them. “We’re trying to get it from a trend to a for-sure life style for our people, the Hispanic community,” said Arias.

With food like this, the future is looking pretty good:

Trying another new thing. #elpalote #whatveganseat

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